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November 17, 2018

I knew some songs from the band. But in 1990, while working in an engineering firm, I was formally introduced to Queen.


No! It was not during the drawing sessions. On weekends, to supplement the income, I used to wash the boss’s car. The Beatle, year 73, helped me to raise some money and taught me how to drive. While cleaning the car, I could hear the sound coming from the powerful sound system, his unquestionable pride. Victor always tried to convert me to Rock’n Roll. I think it worked, but in fact, I only came back for the money and for a ride, as soon as he fell asleep, after the beer had taken effect.




Time passed, and I could not detach myself from the universe of creation. I started as an apprentice making copies until I could understand that being original would be more interesting; and understand that even for that we have to learn how to copy. With style, of course.


While watching the biopic of the band, another film passed in my mind. As the mishaps, challenges, weather, holes, barriers, obstacles, setbacks, difficulties, problems, complications, adversities, inconveniences, embarrassments, obstacles, nuisances, accidents and obstacles of life are so valuable.


Imagine a toothy immigrant who likes design, and three other Englishmen, a quarrelsome dentistry student, an astrophysicist full of ideas, and another timid student of electrical engineering. Yes, that miscellany resulted in the most prolific rock band of all time. Moreover, I believe the variety of his personal origins and desires was a good seasoning, which made the creative process effervescent, giving their work status of originality never seen before.


Of course, all that had a price. I will not give spoilers here. Take easy, if you have not watched the movie yet.


They tried hard. Very hard. Moreover, that generated a lot of confusion among the members of the band and their and producers. It is easier to find a formula and follow it, as most do. “It’s safer,” some would say. However, for Farrokh Bulsara the answer is wherever he wants it to be. Do not know Bulsara? Maybe you know him by the pseudonym of Freddie Mercury. The one who invented a collaborative way of producing music, difficult to make a copy. Yes, because it depends on luck, of course, to find the right people, who generate the right chemistry, and cleverness to get the best out of the people involved, taking care of not break the chain of elements. Almost a kind of magic!


Every member of Queen, each one of them, had impressive talents. But, it was the combination of the four elements that created its explosive effect. They were all great on their own, but combined, they were practically insuperable. Classic rock, progressive, opera, hip hop, dance, etc.; just to give a simple glimpse of what the guys were capable of. In addition, it was not just blind trials. They have “hymns” in virtually every genre they dare touch.


Bohemian Rhapsody is the quartet’s touchstone. It is a masterpiece that can be used to evaluate the entire Queen’s unique trajectory as a musical group, as a creative laboratory, as a successful case, as a family model, as proof that the finitude of things and people can make the result of our creation impossible to predict.


The song, which names Bryan Singer’s feature film, will still play for a long time in the ears of many generations, because it was written not only by a man but also by an idea that came to life in the mind and heart of three other people. They will not live forever, but they believe that their music has a chance, if it have the right emotion, despite or taking advantage of all the pressures that life imposes on them.





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