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The pain and its power

October 19, 2018

Great discoveries and inventions are often the result of chance. History has already proved this to us. But, this "chance" was not simply a stumble in the idea and that's it. Most of the time, the person involved was already on the project for some time, but still unsuccessful.


Until a result that is totally different than expected changes everything.


Writing a symphony based on the behavior of nature, as Vivaldi; or researching the effects of radioactivity, such as Marie Curie; or perhaps in search of substances capable of killing or preventing the growth of bacteria in infected wounds, such as Fleming; or, who knows, writing a love letter and then creating a masterpiece of universal literature, just like you.


Do not throw your drafts away. Save them!




Chance, as Pasteur once said, only favors prepared minds "and does not dispense with observation." Curiosity is the key element that makes us creative. Without it, even with everything in our favor, nothing is created and nothing is transformed. Contrary to what the Titans Band claim, chance will not protect you while you're distracted. Pay attention, because there is always a new way of doing old things. That's being curious, that's reinventing the world. That's the power of reinventing yourself!


The plasticity of our brains and the infinite possibilities of this diverse world guarantee us free passage into novelty, even if it seems strange (and always is) at first.


Curiosity is a "pain" that bothers us. A thing that itches in the corners of our mind. We ask and question all the time, in many ways. But most of the time we prefer well-defined and preferably definitive answers. When we feel that the ground begins to move it gives a bad feeling - there we go again. Earthquakes precede changes. Things will never be or be in the same place forever. And that bothers you a lot: after all, who does not like the idea of paradise?


Such pain makes us understand everything about an illness that afflicts a person we love. It, the pain, also makes us overcome limits to impress parents who are never satisfied with our results at school. Once, It touched devout or envious artists who wanted to overthrow each other during the Renaissance in order to once again impress rich families who would buy their works to expose them in exquisite living rooms to impress other wealthy families.

Creativity comes from a pain. A desire to overcome limits, own or anybody else’s.


That feeling enhances our curiosity, searching for sides and depths that have not yet been experienced. The oppression of the Roman Empire caused the early Christians to invent increasingly alternative methods to continue to evangelize, escaping sand-filled arenas, blood and hungry lions. The hard time in the 60’s, in Brazil, inspired many songs and literature that surprised by refinement, at levels capable of circumventing censorship without losing the message that needed to be passed on to the public. Difficult days make curiosity an explosive element. Nothing is free from its power.


Forbidden love can create poets. Maximum security prisons can create experts fugitives. The Cold War led astronauts and cosmonauts into space, in a clear dispute over power. The "pain" of Hitler, described in his book, ended up killing millions of innocents. The lack or excess of water obliges us to take measures that guarantee our survival. That is, the cutting edge of life is lurking, demanding all the time an attitude of all living beings. In our case, we can reason about it, and involve ourselves in many ways, but only emotional pain will make us move toward the problem, full of courage or even fear, in order to solve it.


Blessing or curse? No one can say. The pain of not knowing will continue to move us toward a future that can never be predicted, only lived, with increasingly interesting versions of challenges inspiring us for good and evil. After all, what is good and what is evil? behold the pain. 





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